The Beauty in Every Blossom

ylang“Earth laughs in flowers”. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson. Looking back to where I stood in a field of ylang ylang flowers, breathing deep their scent and feeling complete peace under the blue Ecuadorian skies, I am able to understand Mr. Emmerson’s words. Flowers bring happiness and comfort, they shout the beauty and joy of nature and the wisdom of the Creator.

        Every year Young Living invites their distributors to visit the farms where their oils are grown and distilled. They are invited to see first hand the beautiful plants that go into an oil bottle and the great respect Young Living shows in the whole process, from Seed to Seal. I was able to visit Young Living’s Ecuador farm in November and it was an amazing experience. I watched as the oils were distilled, I met the wonderful people who worked on the farm, and I took a part in harvesting ylang ylang flowers. I can never look at a bottle of oil the same way.

Ylang ylang flowers are so delicate that they must be hand picked at just the right time in order to produce that calming, intimate and uplifting scent we all love while still maintaining its original constituents that help our bodies. The only flowers that pass Young Living’s strict inspection are the ones that boast a perfect yellow with a distinct red center. No pale, sickly flowers for Young Living Oilers! It took me 40 minutes to pick enough  ylang ylang blossoms to produce a measly 0.2 ml. That means in order to get you a full 5 ml bottle it would have taken me over 16 hours (16.7 to be exact) of non-stop flower picking! And that, my friends, is why you should automatically be suspicious of extremely cheap oils. If other essential oil companies had truly pure oils, as they claim they do, then there is no way they could sell their oils for so cheap.  No other company goes through the amount of attention, commitment, and dedication to integrity and stewardship of essential oils like Young Living. How do I know? I have seen it first hand, from Seed to Seal, and you can too!


While in Ecuador I was able to truly appreciate flowers. I witnessed the great respect with which they were treated and I was reminded to recognize the beauty in every drop of YL oil and the beauty in every blossom that created it.      “When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one, and a lily with the other.” ~Chinese Proverb

My wife, April, and I invite you to discover more about Young Living essential oils here.