Traveling with Essential Oils by Nicolette Mier

Traveling with Essential Oils
The summer months are a great time to travel, discover new places, and have adventures with those you love. But sometimes while traveling, immediate first aid care is not readily available; aScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.42.35 AMnd an untreated wound, even a minor one, can become a situation. According to Dr. Margaret Chan of the Word Heath Organization (WHO), because bacteria is becoming resistant to antibiotics “things as common as strep throat or a child’s scratched knee could once again kill.” Luckily essential oils help fill our need of first aid whenever we need them, including during travel.
This summer our family has traveled many places and we have had many chances to use the oils on our scrapes, bumps, and bruises. While playing golf at an RV park in Oklahoma City, my mom, April, grabbed the pole of one of the flags on the course and, as a result, got a hand full of fiberglass splinters. My mom applied a few drops of Thieves oil to the affected area and the pain eased and the splinters worked their way out throughout the day. The next day Grace, my 17 month old sister, was toddling around outside and ran straight into the corner of the RV. She hit the side of her face, fell back, and hit her head on the cement. We put sacred frankincense on her forehead, the base of her skull, and the lump on her head three times through the next hour. We used valor and the Kid Scents Owie oil on the side of Grace’s face for the bruising and scrapes. The swelliScreen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.42.02 AMng on her head went down and I noticed that the scrape on her face healed faster than normal.
After our Oklahoma trip we stayed at a campsite on the Guadalupe river for a week. There were plenty opportunities for using the oils that week! One of the first things we used was Lavender oil and Lavederm spray for Hope’s and my sunburns. I love using Lavederm on sunburns because it eases the pain and prevents my skin from peeling. As Hope, Grace, and I (Nicolette) waded in the shallow river and climbed over rocks we got a few cuts, bruises, and scrapes which were covered in Owie oil many times that day. We also used a good deal of TummyGize and Theives on the bottom of the feet to keep Grace from getting sick after she swallowed some of the murky water. After a long day of splash wars and river rafting, our family would sit in lawn chairs by a fire as the sun set. The girls of the family were very grateful for Purification to keep the bugs and creepy crawlies away. One night as my dad, Charles, was trying to get a fire started, a smoldering log fell toward his foot. Instinctively he grabbed the log with his hand to protect his foot which resulted in searing pain and a 3rd degree burn on his index finger. We quickly cooled the burn with ice and doused it in lavender oil several times before bed. In the morning the skin around the burn was no longer charred black and was less painful. My dad was able to go easily throughout the day packing up our RV without pain. As the family went about packing and cleaning, World War 3 broke loose. Bees attacked from all sides, we used anything we could find to try to get the upper hand: books, magazines, and, when some of the bees got inside the RV, high pitched screams were added to our armory. Finally, as we celebrated victory over the bees, they delivered a final blow when one stung me on the hand. I had never been stung before and, because my dad is allergic to bee stings, we didn’t know if I would have a reaction. My mom carefully took out the stinger with precision that I could only imagine was a result of all the lemon oil she drinks in her water. We all piled into the car to avoid further bee attacks and began looking for purification. Hope always has her kid oils with her and because we couldn’t find purification right away we put Bite Buster on the sting area. The throbbing pain immediately eased and within an hour no one could tell that I’d ever been stung (including me!).
All throughout our summer my family and I have used essential oils to boost our immune systems and keep bugs away while traveling. And we will continue using essential oils throughout the rest of the year for our first aid needs.

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Article written by Nicolette Mier