Lymph Flush Zoom Class
Do you feel bloated, sluggish, swollen, and irritable? You may need to work on your drainage system! 

Lymph vessels run throughout the body to remove waste from cells, regulate the immune system, destroy old or abnormal cells, and maintain normal fluid levels in the body. The lymphatic system also helps your body absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins and move them into the bloodstream. To say it is important is an understatement! And yet, so many of us aren't tuned into this system and many conventional doctors overlook how it affects us!

If it sounds like this important body system might need your attention, we have your easy button! Join us for a simple jumpstart and easy maintenance you can do to keep your lymph moving and your body working far more effectively!

Please join my meeting at April 27, 2024 10:00am Central:

Meeting ID: 933 0100 6266
Meeting password: YL2024 

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