Recording is ready... Summer Savvy Essentials with April Mier

April and Charles Mier share in this very informative and fun packed webinar how to get through the summer with a naturally effective set of tools.  

Kombucha Slushy!

Kombucha Slushy!
Staying cool AND healthy with these yummy kombucha slushies! I added a bit of stevia to sweeten and a drop of lime to enhance the flavor. Everyone slurped these up in no time! 
What do you like to drink to keep cool during hot days? 🍧

Produce Tip with Essential Oils!

Dissolving junk from your produce!

🐜🐞🦗🕷️ Great Outdoors? #toxinfreeinsectrepellent

We've been on the road in our RV for about a week now which means we are getting out more and experiencing the great outdoors! The heat + the south + outdoors means we are encountering more bugssss. 🐜🐞🦗🕷️So grateful Young Living has the whole family covered with their 100% natural insect repellent! 🚫 .Check out this little tip I discovered to help control application of it!

Favorite Ways to Use Peppermint EO when its HOT!

Shoo-wee! It's hot 💥🔥 down here in the south! Nothing a little of Young Living's Peppermint EO can't handle though! One of my favorite ways to use Peppermint for cooling down the heat is to make a little spray bottle with water and a couple drops of Peppermint. Adding a couple drops of Lavender EO helps with the after effects of the sun on the skin, too! Cool yourself from the inside out by putting a drop of Peppermint Vitality in a BIG water bottle (32oz or more)..*I don't recommend giving this to little children as Peppermint can be quite cooling for sensitive little mouths and tummies.
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