10 Reasons To Clean Green

Greening Your Home With the Power of

Pure Essential Oils!

10 Reasons to Clean Green

“The deadly chemical cocktail building up in our bodies is causing us great harm, manifesting itself in everything from asthma to cancer.” –
Deirdre Imus

Green This! Greening Your Cleaning

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1. To Reduce Toxic Chemicals in Your Home– I could’ve said 80,000 reasons to clean green. This is the amount of chemicals that the EPA say are in our food and consumer products, with 1,500 new synthetic chemicals being introduced every year. “Most of these chemicals, both new and old, have not been tested for toxicological information…” And of those chemcials that have been tested there can be some seriously nasty side effects!

2. To keep toxic chemical exposure away from the most vulnerable – pets and children – Did you know that nearly ¼ of all Poison Control calls are bleach related, often involving children and pets?! Did you know that babies are being born “pre-polluted”? According to an Environmental Working Group study in 2004 they are! In this study they tested the cord blood of newborns for 413 chemicals and discovered 213 of them!

3. To reduce indoor air pollution – Do you know that EPA studies have indicated that indoor air pollution can be 2-5 times -sometimes up to 100 times- worse than outdoor air pollution! In fact, indoor air pollution is ranked as one of the top five public health concerns. Our efforts to keep our haven clean and pretty smelling have resulted in us creating a toxic environment for ourselves, our families and pets!

4. To reduce exposure to chemicals which cause respiratory distress – Some
chemicals are known to burn lungs. Do you hold your breathe when cleaning? I used to also! Some cleaning chemicals are also known to cause allergy and asthma like symptoms or even exacerbate your allergies and asthma!

5. To reduce exposure to endocrine distruptors – These are substances that mess with our proper hormone function leading to hormone imbalances, cancers and infertility.

6. To reduce exposure to carcinogens – Cancer causing

7. To reduce exposure to teratogens – Causes birth defects

8. to reduce exposure to neurotoxins – Chemicals toxic to the brain and nervous system

“Of chemicals commonly found in homes, 150 have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalitites,” according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission

9. To safely and effectively kill germs– Today’s germs, bacteria and viruses have become increasingly virulent and resistant to man-made chemicals and synthetics. Common anti-bacterial agents like Triclosan are thought to contribute to antibiotic resistance not to mention it’s harmful effect on our bodies.

However nature has the solution! There are over 5,000 studies on the germ killing powers of Therapeutic-grade essential oils! Check out www.pubmed.gov In a University of Manchester study in 2004, researchers found three essential oils that “killed MRSA and E. coli as well as many other bacteria and fungi within just two minutes of contact!” The study cites that the “reason essential oils are so effective is because they are made up of a complex mixture of chemical compounds which the MRSA and other super bug bacteria finds difficult to resist.”

10. To save money – Cleaning green is economical! You can literal clean for pennies. One teaspoon of Thieves Household Cleaner makes one quart all purpose cleaner for 25 cents, compared to store bought cleaner with an average price of $ 3.50. In all, the THC at a cost of $ 22.50 can make enough general cleaning products to clean your home for several months saving you over $100.00.

Today scientists confirm that the essential oils contained in Thieves Household Cleaner –Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus and Rosemary – are powerful antimicrobial agents yet safe for people and the environment!

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Diffusing essential oils is not only a wonderful way to naturally scent your environment without toxic side effects, in addition, studies at Weber State University have shown that diffusing Thieves Essential Oil blend kills 99.96% of airborne bacteria! Thieves Essential Oil blend has also been used by environmental scientist, Edward R. Close, in case studies and homes to irradicate mold in as little as 24 hours and keep it from coming back. See book “Nature’s Mold Rx: the Non-Toxic Solution to Toxic Mold”