Lets Talk Negative! Well,  from a healthy perspective
Lets talk about Negativity! I promise I will try not to be negative :) lol
 Just looking at that word, Negativity, immediately what happens? Some emotions start to rise? Thinking of names? Thinking of ourselves? None of us like to deal with negativity, it is a CANCER that when not dealt with can cause a lot of damage.
Whether we know people that are negative or feel like we ourselves can be negative here are some of my thoughts that hopefully will give us some encouragement.
 Where do we experience it? Answer - Family, friends, spouses, prospects, downline members, work, news,in our own minds, etc...
 Why does it happen?
 First of all there is a force in this world that is not of God that wants to steal, destroy and deceive. It affects how we think and perceive. Fear, Ignorance, Misinformation, Self Contentedness, change, jealousy, protective feelings, bad past experiences.
Some people just automatically resort to the negative. (gosh this sounds negative!)
 How can we deal with it?
1.) Do not take it personally
2.)Remember your "Why"
3.) Lead by example, be a product of the product
4.)Focus on whats good. Philippians 4:8. Respond to negative forces with positive (this takes a conscious effort and practice!)
 5.) Speak LIFE! Write yourself some notes and post them where you can see them. "This is an awesome day!" "I love my life!" "I am blessed" "I am a YL influencer!" "I will bless today"
6.) Keep learning. Personal development is HUGE. People are less likely to tell us where we need to grow, but when reading the right books, we self discover.
7.) Get a mentor. Does not always mean in person, my mentors are Jesus, Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, John Maxwell
 8.) Use your Oils and supplements, taking care of your body is taking care of your mind. The healthier your body is, the healthier your mind is.
 Be blessed, you rock, your are an amazing person blessed by God. Today is an awesome day!!!


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